No Way Back – The Underworlds by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #285)

No way back is a science fiction fantasy novel written about Daniel and Denida. As they experiment creating an ancient gate, Daniel passes through the gate. Denida realizes that his son has now disappeared, he follows through in order to save him from whatever there may be, on the other side. What they both realize is that they have traveled into another world and that it is just the beginning of many other discoveries. As they try to exit the world, thinking they are going back to where they were, both notice that they have now entered a different world. Things begin to become even more complicated as now they aren’t sure how to get back to their own world and why everyone seems to know them.

At first, I felt that the storyline was rushed. Almost immediately, the gate is created, and Dan is trapped on the other side. It is only after a long period of time, where you get some backstory or any indication of how this whole thing came to be about.

I enjoyed the storyline and the character interaction between Daniel and Denida. There is a sweet connection between the two, and the subtext of the content has a humorous touch to it. This made the story to be more appealing. The literature was strong. However, I did notice some editing issues, especially in the first chapter.

I believe anyone that enjoys reading science fiction novels and storylines that involve world traveling will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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