How to Survive a Family Court by Jessica Stark (Book Review #499)


How to survive a family court is a self-help book written to provide adequate advice on what to do when you are facing a divorce. Having gone through a painful journey getting divorced through the American court system, the author pens a book on how the system works and what she went through.

I believe this book is suitable for anyone who enters a marriage or is on the verge of divorce. No matter how loved up your relationship is, it is always good to know these things and to be prepared in case the unknown occurs.


The material is sectioned between 10 chapters and emphasizes the fact that purely having a good lawyer does not mean that the journey is going to be any easier. In addition, it certainly won’t mean that you are to win based on your wishes.


I particularly enjoyed the part where the author discusses how one should talk to their child about the situation. At the end of the day, it isn’t just the parents affected by the issue, and I believe it is essential to know how to behave when this unfortunate event takes place.


The literature was easy to understand and clearly indicated that it wasn’t a lawyer’s way of approach. These matters made the work stand out from other similar books in the genre.


Written by Jeyran Main


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