Hemlock. By Jesse Teller (Book Review #500)

Hemlock is another masterpiece written by Jesse Teller. I have read over 5 books from this author, and I knew from the start that this one was not going to disappoint me either. I think what stands out is, his superb skill of fantasy writing and the unique descriptive way of illustrating the story. Through his perspective, his books turn out to be an incredible journey that makes you want to keep reading.

Perilisc is in danger once again from monsters that are overrunning its busiest pirate bay. Vampires are taking over the world, and the manhunters must stop them. This is the second book of its series, and as the vampires spread sickness through the city, Rayph and his team have to save the day.


Mestlven: A Tale from Perilisc by Jesse Teller

Legends of Perilisc by Jesse Teller 

Liefdom by Jesse Teller 

Song by Jesse Teller


I enjoyed the literature standard and how the story had its steady flow. The book felt like an action-packed tale, and if you are interested in dark fantasy stories, then this one is indeed for you. I would, however, recommended buying the series and reading the stories from the beginning. I think it will just provide much better backstory and character development for its beginner.


There is a third book in this series titled ‘Crown’ which I look forward to reading.


Written by Jeyran Main


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