10x Your Life: A Practical Guide to Accomplishing Your Dreams By Kit Ryan (Book Review #501)

10 x your life is a self-help book providing the reader a practical way of changing the way they think. The book is designed to teach them how to modify their lives and to be able to achieve their goals.


By reprograming your playmaker and shifting your way of thinking to a positive mindset, the author explains how things began to change for him. He expresses how external influences affect your productivity and to reorient your mind in order to succeed.


I particularly enjoyed the affirmations, as I do the same and completely agree with this method.


I found the literature to be very easy to read and to understand. The work was organized and divided into good proportions to read and was written with intriguing information making you want to continue reading.


I had previously read a book about triggers and how you could change or implement new habits in order to change your life. This book touched base on these issues as well.


I recommend this book to people who actually want to make a difference and change in their lives. I found it motivational and very helpful.


Written by Jeyran Main


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