Song by Jesse Teller (Book Review #372)

Song is the first book in the Manhunters series. It is a dark fantasy novel. Situated in Perilisc, the prison of Mending Keep has been breached, releasing all evil. Rayph Ivoryfist then comes to save the day with his joined forces to protect and serve the king and to create some kind of calmness to the city.

I have read previous books from Jesse Teller, and so I was expecting the same standard and quality of literature to have applied in this book as well. I was not disappointed. I think the storyline or the concept of the idea for the plot may not be such a novel one, however, when Jesse Teller, cites it, you enter a whole other experience.

The story has many side plots alongside the main plot and so when you begin to read this book, you enter a multi-dimensional storyline and that in itself, displays talent and was much appreciated.

The imagination and growth of visual descriptiveness are one of the strongest aspects of this story. I recommend this author and his entire series to people who enjoy dark fantasy and have a particular regard towards strong literature.

Written by Jeyran Main

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