Burner by J. S. Lenore (Book Review #149)

This review was kindly requested by Paranoid Shark Productions.

Burner is an urban fantasy novel writing about Kim Phillips, a Chicago detective that has powers to help release ghosts trapped between life and death. Due to the powers mentioned she is called a burner. Priya, a healer that died 50 years ago and was saved by Kim and Riley, the dashingly handsome meticulous homicide detective, all work together to save Chicago from a serial killer that only has his eyes on specific species.

I found the book to be an action-thrilling, nail –biting mystery novel that did not disappoint and kept me intrigued. The flow between the chapters and paragraphs were smooth. The literary stand was admirable and it was very easy to connect to the characters and to bond with them. I really enjoyed the additional drawings artistically made for the book, giving me a visual example of what the characters looked like.

There are scenes of violence and sensitive subject matters such as death and afterlife, however; none were to the point of making the story dull or depressing. This book is the first of the Affinity Series and it provides enough content and backstory for several interesting sequels afterward.

The ending is an absolute gem. Burner is a very beautiful book for the minds that are open to innovative urban style writing. This book does not disappoint.

Written by Jeyran Main

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Credit for the picture art piece goes to M. J. Erickson.

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