Hibernation by S J Epps (Book Review #149)

This review was written for Online Book Club “I rate this book 3 out of 4 stars.” This book was an “OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day.”

Hibernation is a fiction novel that focuses on multiple stories at the same time. Pastor Winter Sams and his family are dealing with many domestic issues. Earthquakes happen in the middle of the country where they least expect them, and Pastor Simon is in jail because he has refused to marry a lesbian couple in his church. There are legal issues and lawsuits involved, and the LGBT community is on everyone’s case reminding them of their rights and making public examples of anyone who speak out against them.

Everything begins with Pastor Winter living a lie. He has two children and a sick wife. His job is too important to lose, and if his secret comes out, there will be a lot at stake. Winter and his wife, Tabitha are hiding the truth about her condition to the kids. The dynamic between the members of the family and the way they deal with things were interesting to me. The relationship between Winter and Tabitha was implemented perfectly.

Pastor Simon is trapped in a prison cell and has to free himself somehow. He gets in contact with Spencer and Milton who are lawyers dealing with businesses that are now in trouble due to them refusing to serve the LGBT community.

I found the writing and the literary standard to be compelling to the reader inviting them inside the multiple stories within the content. The pace was always the same, and although it was not an action-packed story, it remained to keep the momentum and interest of its reader. It deals with many of the issues that the LGBT community face but in a reverse role as they have all the power of the law behind them. Due to the multiple interconnected storylines in the book, there are many character introductions but not as many characters developments.

The ending of the book remained something of a puzzle for me. It was in a way, left open for your own interpretation of how you wanted things to finish. There were several grammatical and punctuation errors within the book and in summary the book would have benefited more if the plot had been executed with a finale.

I recommend this book to fiction readers and anyone that likes to read drama related stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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