Legends of Perilisc by Jesse Teller (Book Review #139)

The Legends of Perilisc is a science fiction book with a collection of eight short stories that feature the beginnings of the Second Age of Perilisc.

Each of these stories provides the reader with a more in-depth understanding of the history in the realm. The preface provides the kind of dark richness that is to be expected in the coming pages as we enter the realm of legend and myth. One character reappears in most of these stories, Simon the Bard. Simon is a constant in this ever-changing landscape of Perilisc.

Liefdom by Jesse Teller (Book Review #118)

The stories take place at the beginning of the Second Age and moves along swiftly to a King battling, attempting to save the only man who can keep humanity alive, only to find something he wasn’t expecting. The story fleshes out past events that form the future and continually has you wonder what happens next in the story.

Each of these stories can be read as standalone tales or read all together. They are all connected through the ages forming the time, just before the escape. This book does not contain any happy endings, fairies, or celebrations of good triumphing over evil. It is intense, dark and full of sensitive topics that may not be appropriate for a younger audience.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading dark fantasy stories. I believe that this book is well suited as part of the world of Perilisc and lays a solid foundation for future novels.

Written by Jeyran Main

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