CIA Assassin And Other Stories by Benson Grayson (Book Review #151)

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“I rate this book 2 out of 4 stars.”
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CIA Assassin and other stories is a fictional book containing a collection of three separate segments. The first tale takes the majority of the space, and the other two are on a smaller scale.

In the first story, Ed Kramer is a CIA agent and is on the verge of receiving his pension, however; the agency tells him that he has to do one last assignment in order to get it. Once he is done with the task, he comes back to claim the pension only to realize that there is no one in charge with the name of the person who gave him the task in the first place.

I found this story to be very compelling, exciting and well written. Although there were plenty of editing issues and sentence structures that could have been fixed, I still found the plot to be plausible.

In the second story, the CIA director, James Collins informs the President that the Saudi King is planning to seize control over the oil properties. I began reading with interest, however, noticed that there were several empty pages towards the end of the story. I was not sure why this was the case since I had bought the book directly from Amazon. There were, even more, editing issues and sentence structures that needed fixing. The plot was well thought out but how could one really understand a book when the ending is none existent?

The third story consisted of a very confused set of pages. The plot kept jumping from one thing to another. There was no consistency of flow between each section, and so this made it very hard to understand what it was about. What I eventually understood was that a Russian chief of US operations was sent to the United States to rescue one of their top agents. He ends up making choices in order to benefit himself. The ending had no big reveal and didn’t provide anything exciting to finish the book off.

This writer has great potential in delivering; great action-packed thrillers, however, he needs to hire a professional editor and also double check what he has submitted to Amazon.

Written by Jeyran Main

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