Carbon Run by Joe Follansbee (Book Review #374)

Carbon Run is a dystopian thriller novel written about Anne Penn. Her father is accused of destroying the last of a certain species of birds. The story is set in the 22nd century, and as Bill Penn, runs away from being imprisoned, Anne has to find him.

The living situation is not as easy. Most things are banned. People cannot leave their carbon footprint, have to recycle properly, and you most certainly cannot extinct a species. The situation is not as easy for Anne. However, Anne isn’t some helpless women. She is determined, and the love she has for her father is strong. The subject matter is on global warming and the effects of it. Environmental choices have consequences, and there is a whole governing body making sure that it is applied.

I particularly enjoyed the dynamic literature that existed within the content of the work. There is a special something with the way this author has cared for the environment and has created this sort of dilemma in his storyline, which in fact, is not so far from what is to happen in our near future.

The story isn’t just about Anne. There are other characters with their own environmental troubles, which happen to all meet towards the end. Justice is to be served but whether if it is the right way or not, is to be determined. The character development was sufficient in order to grab the readers emotions, and the world setting was believable since we currently are facing similar issues.

I believe anyone that enjoys good writing and a solid dystopian storyline would enjoy this book.

Written by Jeyran Main

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