Red States by Anthony P. Jones (Book Review #520)

Red States is a thrillingly fictional story about a Triad boss planning to overthrow the US government by sending Chinese people into the US and planting them as powerful candidates into the US government, giving them Control. Once two CIA agents interfere with this plan, the Triad boss goes with his second plan which is to spread a certain gas on the 4th of July through the fireworks, contaminating the air, water and killing everyone.

The concept of the storyline was very interesting. It almost reminds you of the Batman story, where a certain gas was made mixed into the water causing fear and chaos all over Gotham.

The literature and the storytelling were easy to read and to follow. I enjoyed the pace. Being an action story, I thought it would have had a faster pace but it did not, and that added to the dynamic of things. The characters and dialogue may have lacked some intensity, however, altogether the work was enjoyable to read.


I recommend this book to fiction and action/adventure fans.


Written by Jeyran Main


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