Jivaja (Soul Cavern Series Book 1) by Venessa Giunta (Book Review #521)

Jivaja is a supernatural thriller revolving around a girl named Mecca. She accidentally kills a man who tries to attack her with only one hand. As she runs to her father for answers and realizes that her power is to manipulate human energy. By sucking out the life out of the person who attacked her she needs to now learn how to control her powers.

On the other hand, the Vampires called the Visci’s, live on human blood. They do not die easily and cannot reproduce any other way but to mate with humans. Since it is hard to reproduce, they have created a pureblood, half-blood situation. A war begins to start between the two races, and Mecca is chased by creatures so they can use her powers.


While I found it hard to connect to the characters and did not particularly feel that the protagonist was drawn strong enough to lead the story, the plot was enjoyable and had a vigorous taste to it. The pace was slow and as a fantasy story, needed a little more descriptive writing. The paranormal activity was believable and the literature kept its thrilling nature to the end.


The relationship between the father and daughter was described in a natural way. I recommend this story to people who like to read fantasy stories revolving supernatural activities.


Written by Jeyran Main

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