Winter Song (Day in a Life of a Kid) by Anetta Kotowicz (Book Review #519)

Winter Song is a long picture children’s book created in the interdisciplinary and nature-oriented Arts Kindred book series.

It’s a story about a child and her teddy bear going outside in the winter and exploring all that there is. They go skating, playing with the snow, looking at beautiful Christmas trees and more.


The book comes with a code in order for the reader to be able to download the songs that feature in the book. I thought that not only this was a delightfully clever idea but, it also significantly increased the rhythmic nature of the storyline.


The illustrations were colorful and magical grasping the child’s attention. I noticed that the author did not mention the gender of the child, keeping it gender neutral. She emphasized on the magic of Christmas, the value of family and the joys of being outside, making it a wonderful book to gift or buy for the season.


The book also challenged the concept of helping children question their surrounding, the need to explore and learn through practical experiences.


The book also has a board game for the little ones to play, which I found very unique.


I recommend this book to parents seeking good children’s stories for their children.


Written by Jeyran Main


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