Reasons to Kill God by I. V. Olokita (Book Review #556)

Reasons to kill God is a short story historical fiction book written as a psychological thriller. It is written in the first person narrative and begins with Mateus being on trial at court. He is a Nazi criminal who is caught and forced to write his memoir on his encounters. This was the same way he used to punish the Jews when he used to be a camp commander.


Mateus talks about his family, his father, in particular, being a Sadist and what he dealt with growing up. He talks about his son, the war and everything he can before his execution.


What I enjoyed about this story was that the protagonist was someone I should have hated. He was a criminal and had committed crimes one could never forgive, however, by reading his side and having a story written in his words and perspective; it was enlightening to see the transition and true feelings of someone in his place and status.


I predominantly enjoyed the fact that the work was translated and nothing seemed to have lost its value in the process of it being converted.


I recommend this book to people who like to read historical fiction and stories about the war.


Written by Jeyran Main


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