The Henna Witch by GJ Scherzinger (Book Review #557)

The Henna Witch is an adventure novel about a women name Ashia. She is one of the seven women guardians of the Esme Verena. Each woman has a sacred charge among the real of which they assemble within the astral plan in order to exchange their thoughts. Ashia is in charge of the animals. She can sense a host animal and cohabit it or even communicate with it.

Henna Witch is Ashia and her complexity, looks, personality is what made the tribe name her that. Things are calm until Kapornic arrives stealing the souls of the animals and infecting the dreams of the folks. Ashia is then forced to find the source of the problem and to protect the sanctuary.


I found the story to be very interesting. The literature was descriptive and the world was detailed oriented. I particularly appreciated the female character lead. The Sanctuary was a portal between worlds and this created a wonderful addition of scenes and scenarios which the author could potentially invest time in expanding.


The diverse array of women in strong roles is a trend for this author and I admired that he did not shy away from that. The story definitely appeals to the younger generations as well as the older. In this book, magic embraces the ability for many things to occur, including animals, trees talking, water having a life of its own. Altogether, the book was entertaining to read.


I recommend this book to fantasy readers and adventure novel fans.


Written by Jeyran Main

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