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You Can’t Get There From Here by Greg Schezinger

You Can’t Get There From Here by Greg Schezinger Author’s commentary I remember reading somewhere years ago, a tale about a Chinese warlord in ancient times who feared assassination so much that he constructed an elaborate fortress in order to prevent it. His stronghold… Continue Reading “You Can’t Get There From Here by Greg Schezinger”

Yes, There Be Dragons by Greg Scherzinger

Yes, There Be Dragons by Greg Scherzinger   Author’s note Dragons have long held the fascination of men, related in the oldest of myths. Tales abound of Oriental beasts of great power and Norse monstrosities guarding treasure. Numerous accounts from the ancient lore and… Continue Reading “Yes, There Be Dragons by Greg Scherzinger”

Author’s commentary Greg Scherzinger

Author’s commentary Greg Scherzinger The notion of spirit animals is one that crosses many cultures. They are an integral part of our world and affect us in many ways. Many times as I was writing, my dog, Paco, would put his paw up on the… Continue Reading “Author’s commentary Greg Scherzinger”

The Henna Witch by GJ Scherzinger (Book Review #557)

The Henna Witch is an adventure novel about a women name Ashia. She is one of the seven women guardians of the Esme Verena. Each woman has a sacred charge among the real of which they assemble within the astral plan in order to… Continue Reading “The Henna Witch by GJ Scherzinger (Book Review #557)”

Melhara by Jocelyn Tollefson (Book Review #117)

This review was written for Online Book Club “I rate this book 2 out of 4 stars.” This book was an “OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day.” The story begins with Kyra being a witch. She is happily married to James and has a boy… Continue Reading “Melhara by Jocelyn Tollefson (Book Review #117)”