The Parrot by Christy Astremsky (Book Review #595)

The Parrot is a collection of five children’s stories teaching children how not just to try to work on their image but to also be competent and helpful to others. It discusses what true friendship is and how kindness can kill evil. The author emphasizes ethical behavior by using animals such as cats, butterfly, parrots, tigers, bees, and more.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that there was not just one message or one character. The diversity allowed the book to be more exciting and grab the little one’s attention. The literature is suitable for the genre and includes beautiful, colorful illustrations. The lyrical style of working also helped in making it erythematic.


I believe the work is easy to understand and leaves an impression on children, which is what a parent wants in a book.


I recommend this book to parents who look for educational yet fun material.


Written by Jeyran Main


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