The Body Nirvana by Garima Gupta (Book Review #635)

The body nirvana is a self-help book written by a mind-body wellness coach. She believes that our mind is the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle. Her approach in this book is to alert the reader about their mind and teach them that their appearance and what their mind tells them about it can have a drastic effect on their weight.

The book offers various exercises teaching you to think differently towards yourself, understand your body in a better way and to ultimately achieve the results you have always wanted.


I particularly enjoyed the fact that the methods provided were not just beneficial for health but promoted positive thinking and stress management.


The literature was friendly and easy to understand. The subject matter was well-paced and put together. The entirety of the work focuses on human health and changes that benefit the cause therefore, it was useful, educational and informative.


I would recommend this book to people who like to educate themselves with the human body, weight control and wish to de-stress.


Written by Jeyran Main

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