Star Child: Awakening (The Zenkoti Fables Book 1) by Petra Landon (Book Review #640)

Star Child is a science fiction book written about a young woman named Novi. She works in the tavern and overhears a few others talking about someone and follows them onto a ship. While the adventure begins with the young woman’s curiosity, it is not all so bad. She makes friends, connections, and even develops bonds.

The events that surpass are diverse, dynamic, and intriguing. As I have read other works from this author, I was expecting the same quality of literature and precision. She sure did not disappoint.


The ending was unsure, and this being book one of the series, I was not surprised with the way things unraveled. I believe the foundation of the storyline was solid, providing enough content and layers for it to successfully expand into more books.


Novi’s personality, in particular, was brave and likable. It was easy to connect with her and the way she behaved towards the scenes.


I would recommend this book to people who like science fiction, and action stories.


Written by Jeyran Main

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