The Resilience Way: Overcome the unexpected and build an extraordinary life… on your own terms! By Kelly Ann McKnight (Book Review #659)

“The Resilience Way is a book for people who want to overcome their struggles and challenges and build the life they truly desire.” How is that possible?

The book begins with the author. Her personal story and her husband’s tale is what initiated the reason behind the work. The formula is simple. The author bases her research on her home experience and from work. She has developed a way of thinking about resilience, calling it ‘The Resilience Way.’ By using five elements, she as accomplished an order to improve their overall behavior towards struggles.

The book also contains 20 motivational stories told by various people. It also has a self-assessment report that can be filled in order to self-diagnose.

As we have always heard, experiences in life do not necessarily have to be from our own encounters. One can also learn from other people’s confrontations and struggles, as well. The material is not preachy nor felt forced. I believe it would be suitable for people who are looking for a less strict way of approaching their issues.

It is a known fact to acknowledge that specific skills or ways have to be learned; certain habits and resilience have to be established, and here we have solid proof, written, and published enabling it.

Each element is discussed, explained, and taught in the book. The work has a positive vibe to it, and it is apparent that the author has taken care and time trying to provide an invaluable source of material for people who possess the relevant trouble.

The literature was straightforward to read and understand. The terminology and approach were friendly, and I found that to be helpful for people who do not like to be confronted with a harsh tone. It felt like the author was using a different voice in order to deliver the message.

I recommend this book to people who are interested in self-helping material and wish to better their lives.


Written by Jeyran Main

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