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Just get up by Isaac Miller (Book Review #674)

Just get up is a self-help book written by Issac Miller, who was abandoned from childhood and began a harsh life living in an environment that had drugs, crime and poverty.

The Resilience Way: Overcome the unexpected and build an extraordinary life… on your own terms! By Kelly Ann McKnight (Book Review #659)

“The Resilience Way is a book for people who want to overcome their struggles and challenges and build the life they truly desire.” How is that possible?

Simplify Your Life From The Inside Out by Mark Wayne Smith (Book Review #601)

Simplify your life from the inside out is a self-help book written to encourage the reader to change their life by simplifying the way they see and live life. The author attempts to approach the matter by providing a closer and more connected way… Continue Reading “Simplify Your Life From The Inside Out by Mark Wayne Smith (Book Review #601)”

Schizophrenia: Living in Your Own Reality by DR. James Okun

  It is time for James Okun to pick our brain and inform us on some important medical matters. You can show your support by buying his books or leaving a comment here if you like- Jeyran Main James D. Okun, MD is a… Continue Reading “Schizophrenia: Living in Your Own Reality by DR. James Okun”

How to Get More Done by Jeyran Main

How to Get More Done   Today I want to talk about how to be more productive and beat procrastination. When you’re old enough to have more freedom and the set routine is broken, everything is based on whatever you wish to do without… Continue Reading “How to Get More Done by Jeyran Main”

Don’t Force It by Jeyran Main

Don’t Force It by Jeyran Main Today I wish to talk about an important issue that may come across your life. There may come a time where you force certain things on your life. You make sure that they are accomplished whether you are… Continue Reading “Don’t Force It by Jeyran Main”

Breadcrumbs by Francis Shaw (Book Review #201)

This review was kindly requested by Francis Shaw. Breadcrumbs is a short, self-help book written about a collection of essays. It begins with a quote from the famous Persian Poet, Rumi, “Beyond the ideas of right and wrong, there is a field, I’ll meet… Continue Reading “Breadcrumbs by Francis Shaw (Book Review #201)”