How to Get More Done by Jeyran Main

How to Get More Done


Today I want to talk about how to be more productive and beat procrastination. When you’re old enough to have more freedom and the set routine is broken, everything is based on whatever you wish to do without anything forced in place as a plan. Especially as an entrepreneur or someone that works with no boss around telling them what to do, we as humans tend to lose productivity and waste time, which consequently means wasting money.

Being productive and getting more things done isn’t just about writing a – to do – list. Mostly write a list and then when it comes down to them actually starting the tasks, they find themselves stuck. There are many great apps out there helping you organize your list but still when you get to sit to do it, you get stuck.

Here are three steps to get more done in a day.

Step One: Write down the most 5 important things that need to be done.

This is easy. Prioritizing your tasks is one of the best ways in getting more things done in a day. If 5 seems too much, try three. However, you have to prioritize which ones have to be done first but numbering them.


Step Two: Pomodoro Method

Use the Pomodoro method to calculate how long you think each task is going to take. One Pomodoro equals 25 min. Guess how many Pomodoro’s it will take for you to finish a task and then go to the next.

Once you begin with your first task, make sure that after each 25 min (one Pomodoro), you take 5 min rest. Then come back and continue. Sometimes you will find that a certain task was finished faster than you thought, or it took longer. This is a great way to learn how long you take to finish things and that teaches you to be subconscious of the time and speed you work at.

Anytime you move away from a task that you have not yet finished, in order to do another task, you will take 10-15 min to focus back again on to the original task. So, don’t jump from one into another. Finish a task and then move to another.


Step 3: Rate your productivity

At the end of each day rate your productivity. Write down what made it a good day or what made it a bad day. What works best and what should you avoid. For instance, the best time to be productive and get more done is before lunch. Therefore, not taking any phone calls or answering emails is best until after lunch since, it will take your time, focus and interrupt your schedule. Your brain is fresh and has more energy in the morning. Getting the important tasks accomplished without any distractions, will help you do more in the day.

Check out if you wish to buy a productivity book that demonstrates this routine, Or you could buy it from the link below. If you don’t want to spend any money, then just write down the methods from this article and do it yourself!

Written by Jeyran Main

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7 Comments on “How to Get More Done by Jeyran Main

  1. Thanks for the tips. ! I get so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done (especially house projects), that I get nothing done!


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