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Rough Way to the Highway by Kelly Mack McCoy (Book Review #688)

Rough way to the highway is a fictional story about Mack. He sells everything to buy a truck and work as a truck driver. Mack used to be a pastor and is struggling with grief – loss of his wife. He failed to be… Continue Reading “Rough Way to the Highway by Kelly Mack McCoy (Book Review #688)”

Transforming Venus by Paula Weisflock (Book Review #447)

Transforming Venus by Paula Weisflock     Transforming Venus is a self-help book designed to enhance the quality of life. The main focus is for mid-life women who wish to make changes to their lifestyle. The formation is inspirational and contains a transformation that… Continue Reading “Transforming Venus by Paula Weisflock (Book Review #447)”

Breadcrumbs by Francis Shaw (Book Review #201)

This review was kindly requested by Francis Shaw. Breadcrumbs is a short, self-help book written about a collection of essays. It begins with a quote from the famous Persian Poet, Rumi, “Beyond the ideas of right and wrong, there is a field, I’ll meet… Continue Reading “Breadcrumbs by Francis Shaw (Book Review #201)”