Simplify Your Life From The Inside Out by Mark Wayne Smith (Book Review #601)

Simplify your life from the inside out is a self-help book written to encourage the reader to change their life by simplifying the way they see and live life. The author attempts to approach the matter by providing a closer and more connected way dealing with issues in a real way rather than just through theory. He believes that the real problem is that the natural simplicity in. You have gotten covered up. Although he is not a mental health profession, the attempt is admirable and work reading.

Another thing that I noticed was that the author is a recovering alcoholic. He writes what he has been taught, and since it comes from a personal level, his work is all authentic to his perspective and knowledge.


The literature is organized with eleven chapters beginning with the fights that you can’t win, being different does not mean it’s wrong and that the more you expect, the less you get what you want. I found everything to be easy to read and to understand.


I believe the book would be more suitable for people who are not necessarily seeking professional help but advice that is friendlier and uniformly comprehensible.


Written by Jeyran Main

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