The Glass Bulldog by Alison Huntingford (Book Review #682)

The glass bulldog is a historical fiction about Tom. The story is set in 1833 after Tom has lost his sister and is struggling to make ends meet. A simple mistake costs him time in prison, and once he is free, Tom ends up paying for his mistake in multiple ways.

As the story unravels Tom’s life from the start till its end, the reader is taken through many obstacles and bonds with his character.  The entire read makes Tom a victim in so many ways, and it feels like he just never gets a break from it all.


The literature was well written, and the story was descriptive. I particularly enjoyed the historical relevance and references. Tom’s journey is detailed, and that meant the author had to be precise in its attention towards the timeframe.


The cover of the book was not as appealing as the content. Therefore, if you had any doubt choosing this book based on its cover, then I would suggest you pick it.


In summary, the drama never ends for Tom, and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read historical fiction.


Written by Jeyran Main


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