The Melody of Three: (Evercharm Trilogy, Book 1) by Stephen Reeves (Book Review #691)

The melody of three is an urban fantasy story about a sorcerer called De Rein. He travels back to Liverpool after an absence of 9 years only to find things worse than when he left. Rein has an apprentice, Higgins, who dies a lot. The Musician has summoned Rein back, and things are a bit chaotic when he arrives. As Rein tries to get his head around things, there is more chaos happening in another realm.

The story was action-packed, filled with fantasy and contemporary style paranormal storytelling. The descriptive nature of the literature added to the imaginative style of the plot and made it a fascinating read.


The book is the first of a trilogy where the storyline expands in this tale. It had me wonder how the sequels were going to carry on as there were many sideline stories where the author could have taken it further.


Written by Jeyran Main


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