Ms. Never by Colin Dodds (Book Review #692)

Ms. Never is a science fiction novel written about Ms. Never. Farya lives in a city that is depressed. She is the daughter of a famous astronaut and falls in love with Bryan, a divorced telecom CEO. His job is not all that it seems, and as they begin to get to know each other, they share secrets that could cost their lives.

Farya also possesses certain powers. If she lets her mind wander, reality then diminishes as if they never happened. I particularly enjoyed this part of the story. At times the work was hard to follow. There were too many side stories to understand exactly where the plot was heading; however, altogether, when it came to an end, I found myself pleased with the result.


The literature was strong, and that stood out for me since the work consisted of significant science fiction scenes. The story was addictive, and the characters were written with care, creating an intrigued sense of the notion. The story makes you wonder about the modern world and the impact it has on the quality of living.


I recommend this book to science fiction fans.


Written by Jeyran Main

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