Celestina’s Burning by Annemarie Schiavi-Pedersen (Book Review #697)

Celestina’s Burning is a fantasy story about Celestina seeking revenge for the death of her father. The story is set in Florence, Italy, and the year is 1491. A witch killed Celestina’s father, and when a crusade is abrupted to go after the witches, she takes the chance to chase the one that caused her grief.

As Celestina pursues this journey, she meets Rinaldo, and the relationship between them becomes more robust. Everything about him is perfect until things turn for the worse for her and she ends up in trouble.


I particularly enjoyed the protagonist being a strong woman. The tale is set at a time where witch-hunting was a thing created a beautifully layered story. The love interest, dynamic of the characters, drama and simple storytelling, enhanced the enjoyed of the book.


The author had a way with the wordings and her way of expression. At times you really connected with the scene, and it was as if nothing else surrounded you but the story and what was happening.


I would recommend this story to people who like historical fiction, romance, fantasy and just a well-written story.


Written by Jeyran Main

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