A Boy in a Park: Tales of Wonder and Despair by Richard Parkin (Book Review #731)


A boy in a park is a collection of fantasy stories. The protagonist is always a boy who is in a park; however, the stories vary based on the outcome of various scenes created by the author.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

There are ten different parks and ten different boys. All the stories are quick to read and easy to follow. I particularly enjoyed the ill-tempered misfit who saw the world as a hostile place and made him a monster. I thought that was very intriguing and imaginatively put together.

The literature was easy to read and to follow. The pace was steady while it picked up when the scenes had action. I believe the book suited people who like fast reads and wish to read again at another time. I think what stood out for me was the narrative and the fact that each story had the same style of the location yet different outcome.

The illustrations were beautiful, and the characters came alive with the artistry that possessed within the layers of the content.

I would recommend this book to short story readers, fantasy lovers and people who like a walk in the park.

Written Jeyran Main

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