Will you love me again by Emily Craig (Book Review #775)


Will you love me again is a fiction novel written about Lucy and David. Lucy is a blogger and is married to David. They met at high school, and their romance soon deuterates when Lucy starts doubting his love for her.

However, the story does not bode around their relationship or go into depth as to why David and Lucy fall apart. Instead, it focuses on Lucy and her journey blogging.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The narrative is mostly one-sided coming from Lucy, which took away any connectivity or depth from David’s character. I found Lucy to be very interesting and wanted to see how she was going to pick herself up. The literature was descriptive to the point where you even knew what song was playing in the background. However, it was not written as a story but mostly like a script. I was not sure if that was necessary. However, the lineup of events ending to the finale kept me intrigued enough to see how it was going to end. Love and romance are mostly represented as Lucie’s thoughts and poems.

I recommend this book to fiction readers and those who like to read about bloggers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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