A favor for a favor by Nat Chelloni (Book Review#817)


A favor for a favor is a crime thriller story about Julia with a little added romance. She is the widow of a mobster and is done with everything that has to do with the life of crime but, elements of this unwanted world still follow her through with the next man she meets. Dom is too handsome and charming to forget. Something has to give, and she has to choose between the decisive spark drawn to him and the shady past he seems to be hiding from her.

The book is well constructed and is an excellent mafia romance story. The plot is carefully created with captivating characters making you want to read along as you get to know them more and more. The lead characters Dom and Julia, are a perfect match. Their personalities just brush from one another. There is much character growth that added to the richness of the story.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The pace of the story is steady and filled with thrilling literature. I prominently enjoyed the message that came with the story. To love and trust, forgiving the other person, and being true to what can be, is something positive to learn.

The ending was pleasing and I liked how the cover design reflected the nature of the content. I recommend this book to romance thriller readers and crime fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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