ELDURRY: THE POWER-CHAIN by Michael Nyek (Book Review #896)


Eldurry is a long fantastical tale written about Ardan Ibyk, who is a special boy. The people of Eldurry possess certain holes in their bodies that glow. When Ardan is young, he goes under a procedure to take away his spots. This ultimately causes him to get harmed; however, he survives. Although his parents hide him from the public when he turns 12, he and his mother are brutally attacked by the same people who tried to hurt him, and his mother passes away. Ardan’s journey then truly begins as he is once again saved, but this time things are different.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I found the book to be very long-winded. This did not take away anything from the reader’s enjoyment, but it must be mentioned for those who do not like to read many pages. The literature was well written and the pace of the story was steady.

Ardan’s story begins from a very young age and therefore, you see the protagonist grow and develop as the story carries on. This character development caused the reader to bond with him and feel for what he was enduring. I believe the author has the potential to create beautiful stories.

I recommend this story to people who like to read imaginative material and like substantiated storytelling.

Written by Jeyran Main

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