Angela Ruiz


Where Silence Ends is a nonfiction memoir written by Mexican-American, mother-daughter duo and touches on generational sexual trauma and healing. I, Angela Ruiz, am the daughter, and my mother is Mary Ruiz. The story is written in 1st person and 3rd person, putting the reader in the middle of the action while at times pulling them out to gain a helicopter view. The story begins in 1920 in Michoacán, Mexico with my great grandmother, Elena — who passed at 106. My great grandmother gave birth to four children, her first born being my mom’s father, who is the antagonist of the story. The main protagonist of the story is my mother. My maternal grandfather lived his life as a pedophile, with my maternal grandmother, Carmen, as his enabler.

The reader connects with over a dozen voices that stepped into their power and were interviewed for this book in order to piece the entire story together. Each one of them have felt the power in the beauty of speaking out and have helped break cycles. I decided to write the story to bring justice to my mom. Then, justice for our family. Justice for myself. Justice for individuals around the world that have been sexually abused and need support and encouragement in speaking out. It is bittersweet to bring this family story of ours to light, with the bitter taste being unexpected emotions to process, eventually turning sweet.

I am currently 34 years old. The first time my mom mentioned that she’d like to write this story with me one day was when I was just 16. Alas, here we are, and we both feel in our guts it is time. My mom was the one that was 100% ready, and she led the way. She opened a path in the waters, and I followed the break. Though there were times when it was painful to write the content in the book, there was so much weightlessness to the writing process and so much light. I hope that comes through in the book, and I’ve heard from folks that it does.

Healing is a beautiful part of growth that is never ending. I hope this book helps people find even more courage than already exists within them to use their voice for themselves or someone else in their life. Thank you for this opportunity! Lots of love and good vibes to all.

Written by Angela Ruiz

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