Mainely Power by Matt Cost (Book Review #919)


Mainely power is a fun and entertaining story about Langdon, a private detective who has to find out the truth about the cover-up at the nuclear power plant. Harold Dumphy’s murder triggers this, and that’s when the mystery story begins. Harold’s wife hires Langdon and well, let’s just say that Langdon isn’t any sherlock Holmes.

Langdon’s personality is exciting. His demeanor towards things is just so laid back and happy go lucky. As a bookstore owner, he is down to earth. His dog, Coffee Dog, is just as lovable and noteworthy. But when the story unfolds that corrupt cops and radical environmentalists are looking for trouble, Langdon stands to the challenge. Langdon’s lawyer, 4 by four, and a few other thought-provoking characters join him in finding out the truth.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

All the juicy elements of mystery, thrill, and fun are embodied in this book. The literature is amusing to read and keeps the reader intrigued. The author has done a good job keeping you giggle while he introduces more drama to the story.

I recommend this story to anyone who likes to read murder mysteries and enjoys fun storylines.

Written by Jeyran Main

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