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A Note from the Editor

There is something special about spring that encourages everyone to look forward, set their clocks ahead, and not look back at the past season. Here we are with the second issue bringing you so much hope and optimism.

Lately, I’ve been communicating with authors and hearing their frustrations. It isn’t easy, and I see how much they want to succeed in this process. But as hard as they work, as many times as they find the courage to get back on the drawing board, I say, keep at it and keep trying.

The truth is, we are doing good! There is no need to justify it. No matter how many revisions and setbacks we encounter, we need to remember that the writing life is messy. There is no secret to success. Instead, we find many paths leading us to where we want to go, and if we keep trying, we will get there.

This issue offers some raw confessions and vulnerable discussions that you will enjoy. You will realize that you aren’t alone and how relatable your struggles are with your fellow writers. Let’s enjoy what we have and aim for better things.

Founder & Editor-in-chief

Jeyran Main

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