Blood Legacy by Tej Turner (Book Review #1256)


Blood Legacy is a dark fantasy action-adventure story. It is the second book of the “Avatars of Ruin” series. The story picks up from where it left off. I had read the author’s first book, “Bloodsworn,” so I was excited to see what happens in the sequel.

The author provided a bit of background for those who have not read book one, and then you get to meet your heroes again as they arrive at the capital city of Shemet. Things don’t really go as planned, and they find themselves yet in another hurdle.

I particularly enjoyed how the group went part ways, each dealing with their own issues. Sidry and Baired had to deal with their new powers. Kyra, Rivan, Bryana, and Miles worked together to figure Gavendara out.

The literature is just as good as what I expected from book one. The secrets between the characters and the action embodied in the literature made this an exciting read. You couldn’t keep yourself from wanting to know more.

I recommend this book to fantasy fans.

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