Wild World by Peter S. Rush Wild World (Book Review #1321)


Wild World by Peter S. Rush is a historical fiction set in the 1970s and is about Steve Logan, a college student, protesting the authority and the Vietnam war. His intentions are pure, and wanting peace is no crime, but when four students at Kent State University are killed by the National Guard troops, Steve understands that he has to get involved in order to make a change.

Steve gives up law school and joins the city’s police department, and never looks back. As you read along, Steve’s personality and character are understood more, and you get to bond with his thoughts and intentions. His determination is what carries the story forward, and it signifies the essence of the story.

The book is filled with mystery, crime, and love. The concept of the story and its historical facts are accurate, and this adds to the authenticity of the tale. I recommend it to those who enjoy war-related stories and history.

Written by Jeyran Main

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