Lethal Keystrokes by John D. May (Book Review #1326)


Lethal Keystrokes is an action thriller story that highlights the threat we face from all the individuals who wish to seek revenge over personal matters and use our vulnerability in order to achieve their goals.

On a global scale, we do face many fanatics in the world and, in particular, in America. The author provides you with an insightful look into this network and how they have the resources to plan and effectively accomplish their vengeance.

The story has many blends of terrorism, thrill, and gears more toward techno-thriller fans. It is an interesting story and is thought-provoking. It definitely touches on the challenges we face today.

Another interesting fact about this book is the style in which it presents the story. The scenes are well organized and have a certain flow that keeps the reader wanting more. This storytelling style requires a certain skill the author possesses and causes the story to stand out even more.

I recommend this book to fiction thriller fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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