Under The Red Moon by Antonio Caruso (Book Review #1339)


‘Under the red moon’ is a dystopian fiction about Will and how he is a human incarnation living on earth. All his encounters, perspectives, and internal conflicts provide the reader with an insightful and enjoyable read. He understands how the world works and how humanity is torn apart.

What I predominantly enjoyed about this story was how it managed to enable self-reflection. This isn’t a religious read, but you can appreciate its references. The added romance and excitement were a bonus. The conflict created an interesting dynamic.

With a very eye-catching book cover design, the reader instantly is intrigued to see what the book is about, and I wasn’t disappointed. This isn’t a long story, so you can easily read it in one or two sittings. I recommend this book to sci-fi fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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