Close Your Eyes: A Fairy Tale by Chris Tomasini (Book Review #1354)


‘Close your eyes’ is a historical fiction set in the 1400s, and it’s about the King of Gora hiring a cast of helpers to ensure the safety, enjoyment, and entertainment of his two children.

The cook, Agnes, is recruited from the village after marrying her love, but once it’s confirmed that she cannot go home after a year of service, the mission becomes to find a way to send her home.

The fairy tale is written so well, and you are immediately introduced to this rich world and period that keeps you wanting to read more. What really stood out was the characters and how individually they stood their ground and storyline. The author has an incredible power of storytelling. This was a fascinating read.

I recommend this book to fairy tale readers and historical fiction fans.

Written by Jeyran Main

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