Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless: Wisdom Behind the Incomparable Chicken Soup for the Soul by Mitzi Perdue (Book Review #1379)


Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless’ is a non-fiction book and an educational biography about being strong and impactful and how to succeed with a resilient work ethic and a relentless spirit.

The book is written well, but above all, it is inspirational. The literature has an easy flow to it. It is organized and, although it is not short, still remains intriguing and informative.

The added humor is a bonus and keeps the material upbeat. If you are attempting to reach your full potential and enrich your life, then you will find this book to be useful. The whole content is organized and to the point; you also get to understand the concept of the premise and learn a thing or two.

Each chapter displays an honest account of what the author has inherited as an inspirational educator. The most important aspect of the book is that it makes you feel as if you, too, can pursue your dream.

I recommend this book to self-help readers and non-fiction readers.

Written by Jeyran Main

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