You’re the Cake: The Guy’s the Frosting by Marcia Lite-Braus (Book Review #1425)


‘You’re the Cake’ is a non-fiction self-help book that is written in sort of a memoir about Marcia and how she has gone through some pretty vulnerable stages of dating, meeting new people, marriages and life lessons.

There are real-life stories, some humorous and some not so very much, making you ponder how things could turn out this way if you don’t love yourself. What we genuinely take away from this is how our choices and constant mistakes can be analyzed so that once you look back, you realize the core issue – self-love.

The book is perfect for love and romance readers. The author’s honesty and way of approach are admirable. I enjoyed the type of writing and how everything was organized.

I recommend this book to those who are dealing with the dating world.

Written by Jeyran Main

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