Tesla by JASON WALKER (Book Review #1439)


‘Tesla’ is a mystery thriller filled with science fiction. It begins with Darren finding the original Tesla document that provides him with information that changes everyone’s fate.

Darren is a happily married man, living with Anna and has a daughter, Dana. Darren and Anna work for a secret organization that serves as the CIA’s umbrella. The dynamic between the family and Darren’s personality really shines in this story.

The double timelines embodied in the premise also added to the novel’s complexity. I found the entire approach to be unique, and for that, it kept me intrigued.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy reading complex and dynamic stories.

Written by Jeyran Main

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2 Comments on “Tesla by JASON WALKER (Book Review #1439)

  1. Interesting, and certainly sounds like a successful future TV series. I’d need to know a bit more on this first before buying. I assume it’s something to do with Nikola Tesla and one or more of his inventions, probably to date undiscovered? And likely how the CIA is trying to discredit the hero, or worse.

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