Tag: action fiction

Hellhound, Take Me Home by Stu Lane (Book Review #726)

Hellhound is a historical fiction about Ken Hazel, an Australian soldier who is captured by the Japanese. He has undergone many hardships, torture and gruesome treating.

51st directive by Michael Agliolo (Book Review #665)

51st directive is a political fiction written about Erica Brewer. She is an FBI agent who happens to be sent to do mailroom work due to her lack of control over her temper. As she snoops around the letters, she finds one that sounds… Continue Reading “51st directive by Michael Agliolo (Book Review #665)”

The Code Hunters by Jackson Coppley (Book Review #658)

The code hunters is a thriller fiction novel about Nicholas Foxe, an Archaeologist, hearing about a discovery made when a team of expert cavers goes wondering in new Mexico. The massive slab of metal found appears to be far more interesting than what they… Continue Reading “The Code Hunters by Jackson Coppley (Book Review #658)”