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Evolving as a Writer by Dennis Scheel

Evolving as a Writer by Dennis Scheel   As a writer, we all learn a good deal by reading other people’s work, but we must not forget the old rule of experience. The more that we write, the more used to it, we can… Continue Reading “Evolving as a Writer by Dennis Scheel”

Editing vs Self-editing by Dennis Scheel

Editing vs self-editing by Dennis Scheel Editing is a big concern for writers, especially fresh the ones trying their first story. After finishing their story, the idea comes to if you should self-edit or get an editor. There are things such as Grammarly which… Continue Reading “Editing vs Self-editing by Dennis Scheel”

Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel

Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel             Being Politically Correct started in America when it came to the racial question, but after the changes in the last two decades, all of the world, especially in Europe followed suit, insisted on being politically correct, no longer… Continue Reading “Politically Correct by Dennis Scheel”

Ready for writing? by Dennis Scheel

Ready for writing? by Dennis Scheel A constant for me had always been the many stories, whether I read them and got inspired or saw movies which did the same, but the inspirations have always been there. Ideas about stories in my head; my head… Continue Reading “Ready for writing? by Dennis Scheel”