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Challenges in writing books in modern society by Dennis Scheel

In the 21st Century, writers are facing several challenges in the classical method of writing novels. TV shows, movies, and games have captured the attention of a sizeable chunk of prospect readers. Some writers may be courageous enough to apply their creativity to generating… Continue Reading “Challenges in writing books in modern society by Dennis Scheel”

We are our own worst critic by Dennis Scheel

During our writing escapades, we often encounter criticism from friends, and even worse, from reviewers. That criticism can encapsulate everything from a scene to characters to our writing style itself. You may encounter some bitter individuals who just want to attack your work for… Continue Reading “We are our own worst critic by Dennis Scheel”

How our interests develop us as writers by Dennis Scheel

When we first begin our lives, we slowly start to cultivate hobbies and friendships. Most of us first discover the joy in reading through school. As we experience the delights hidden away in the magic of stories, making our imaginations soar. But different people… Continue Reading “How our interests develop us as writers by Dennis Scheel”

When plotting is too much by Dennis Scheel

Most authors, both new to the craft and well-seasoned, do some plotting before starting a new story. Some settle for a few points, but for others, their plotting has become so long that it can be a novel in itself. Pantsers are the exception… Continue Reading “When plotting is too much by Dennis Scheel”

Cancel culture by Dennis Scheel

Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNAF (Five Nights At Freddy’s) was recently doxed and his family was threatened with home invasions, forcing him to retire. But what could cause a debacle like that? I found it shocking, but his political views led to his… Continue Reading “Cancel culture by Dennis Scheel”

Inspirational characters by Dennis Scheel

When constructing a story, the characters must be well-thought-out and intriguing for the reader. All characters, whether the antagonist, protagonist, or even side characters, are equally essential, and none of them should be empty shells. A character arc can help on this, as they… Continue Reading “Inspirational characters by Dennis Scheel”

The Challenges COVID Brings to Writing by Dennis Scheel

Many challenges have surfaced since the virus reared its ugly head all over the globe. With 100 million people infected, we have all been influenced in some ways, which, of course, also shows in the world’s penmanship. It’s been almost a year since everything changed. This includes writing as well. Many authors now work from home, in… Continue Reading “The Challenges COVID Brings to Writing by Dennis Scheel”

Rejecting Destiny by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #835)

Rejecting destiny is a dark fantasy story. It is the third book of the series in the underworld’s series. The story begins with Denida and Nina grieving over their son’s murder. Both are in despair and deal with the issue differently. Denida has the… Continue Reading “Rejecting Destiny by Dennis Scheel (Book Review #835)”

Pen-name or not? By Dennis Scheel

Pen-name or not? By Dennis Scheel   When we first sit down to write, one thing we must consider is about whether we wish to use Pen names, or just a version of our own name, (pseudonym). Many famous writers have used some version… Continue Reading “Pen-name or not? By Dennis Scheel”