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Unveiling by Zel Winter (Book Review #1030)

Unveiling is book one of the Mythical creature’s series. The story primarily revolves around Dan and Nina’s love. It is filled with fairies, sorcerers, dragons and all things supernatural. I did sometimes think of the Twilight saga, with the whole vampire love. Nina is… Continue Reading “Unveiling by Zel Winter (Book Review #1030)”

(Un) Graceful Cat (Un) Series by B. A. Gabrielle (Book Review #437)

(Un) Graceful Cat (Un) Series is a story about a young girl named Amelia Fafnir. She strives to win her mother’s approval, but her attention is more swayed towards Amelia’s sister. One incident causes her to enter a world where spirits exist. The spirits… Continue Reading “(Un) Graceful Cat (Un) Series by B. A. Gabrielle (Book Review #437)”