(Un) Graceful Cat (Un) Series by B. A. Gabrielle (Book Review #437)

(Un) Graceful Cat (Un) Series is a story about a young girl named Amelia Fafnir. She strives to win her mother’s approval, but her attention is more swayed towards Amelia’s sister. One incident causes her to enter a world where spirits exist. The spirits are trapped and help humans. As Amelia accompanies them and makes friends with a certain spirit, she realizes that there is more to this world than she initially imagined.

As I enjoyed the innocent storyline of the book, I could not ignore the lack of depth and character development it possessed. The plot and the pace were enjoyable to read yet swayed towards many various avenues that made you lose focus.

What did stand out for me was the differentiation between the good and bad. The author portrayed a very interesting dialogue between the characters and I believe this would very much suit young adult novel fans.

Altogether, this novel is sweet to read and excellent for the young minds. The author has potential in creating good literary work, and I look forward to reading more from her.

Written by Jeyran Main

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