Plunge In to the Worlds of Temi Black

Plunge Into the Worlds of Temi Black


What would you do if you found that your whole life had been leading up to this moment…

John is simply a visitor in the mountains, who comes for his annual fishing trip.  He crosses paths with Temi, a local resident, on three occasions: twice when she is a small child, and once when she is in her teens.  But these meetings occur for John all within a space of days!

John and Temi now meet up in the modern day.  They begin to discover how their timelines are connected, and how their destinies might unfold.

Between Two Worlds is a fantasy realism story about a hybrid breed of people who have the ability to change shape into mountain lions.  They can also travel in time, but they are governed by a unique set of limitations.

The people of the mountain lion clan live in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. They reside in the foothills of Picpic Mountain, meaning “cat” in the Cayuse language.  Their power is rooted in the heart of this mountain, and it diminishes when they travel too far away.

Members of the mountain lion clan believe that their brief travels though time are spiritual in nature. Temi exhibits exceptional power by traveling without warning as a child.  Her mother panics and moves Temi away from the mountains, only to return several years later.

There are unique “rules” to these people, such as what happens when a member of the lion clan breeds with a human, how it works when one jumps forward, or backward, in time, how the young come in to their powers, what happens when they stay away from the mountains, and even what happens when they die.

Between Two Worlds also has some great cliffhangers, and while wrapping up the story, leave you wanting to know more…

-Jodi Hockinson, author, Between Two Worlds, Book I in the Lion Clan Series – available on Amazon – free on Kindle Unlimited, and free as your first book on  Watch the video to learn more at


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