The Souls Expression by Amy Alston (Book Review #436)

The Souls Expression is a Victorian Romance novel written about Katherine. She is a married woman who fears being stigmatized with hysteria by her doctor because she is not able to bed her husband after eight months. This is at a time when her marriage is not going so well, and she witnesses several attempts of adultery by her husband. This historical romance novel takes you on a journey of self-discovery demonstrating ownership at a time where identity was a big issue.

Dr. Hershaw is a very interesting character. He assists Katherine in finding herself as well as helping her navigate through the trying time she deems to face. The author displays a very classic style of language in her writing while she remains true to the time frame of things. As the doctor helps Katherine, we also witness a relationship brewing between them. I enjoyed the fact that Dr. Hershaw had a more modern frame of mind, ahead of his time.

The pace of the story was well designed keeping the reader interested. I found the sexual content to be too much but essential for me and would like to make sure the reader is aware that the story does contain graphic adult content.

I found the cover to be extremely attractive and recommend this book to people that like to read women’s fiction, romance, and historical fiction.

Written by Jeyran Main

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